Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello viewers, Being a Young African-American in the US has its upside and its downsides. Other than being personally targeted, being broke, being a victim of racially motivated violence on numerous occasions even as I was walking to a MENSA meeting. It is safe to say that racial stereotypes are in the world we live in, and its sad. Stereotypes have their role in all races/nationalities. So I wanna know from all you out there if you have every been stereotyped by authorities, teachers, or an figures in the world that have impacted you to make you feel worse about yourself and what you represent. You should not be hated for what you are or what other see you as. Also, you should not be judged by what others in your race have portrayed themselves as. I now this blog is not so long like others, but i want to hear from you, and what are your thoughts on racial inequality and stereotypes. Thanks for all who comment and click ads.

Sincerely, Inspire 

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  1. Hello!

    I'm half-African-American, so I will probably never feel the full force of racial discrimination, but I have had my share of it. All in all, yes, it is unfair, because when you get down to the root of it, it's based on ignorance. Isn't that what hatred is? No one takes the time to sit down and realize...'hey...he's a human, just like me.' What can we do? We move on, we succeed in areas that they would not expect us to exceed in. None of it really matters though, because in less than 100 years ,all of us will be dead, dead and alone.